• Because of its small (19mm-32mm) diameter, working pressure for this hose is relatively high at 7kg/cm2. and it is therefore suitable for forced feed applications from pumps. It performs excellently in such uses as green house mini-sprinkler, spreading of liquid chemicals, pressurized washing and cleaning of ships and cars, watering down athletic grounds or construction sites, and irrigation of terraced fields with gear-pumps.
Silver Line ®

Size  (mm/inches)

Inside Diameter (mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)

Weight (g/m)

Working Pressure (kg/cm2)

  19 (0.75) 19 1.35 112 7.0
  25 (1) 26 1.50 165 7.0
  32 (1.25) 33 1.45 200 7.0
  *Standard length:100m.
*Working pressure: 20oC
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