• Sunny Bright Hose is a light duty general purpose hose made of synthetic fibers and soft PVC in a continuous/one process production method. Users appreciate its high quality and economy. It is designed for rather low working pressure-around 2.0kg/cm2. This light weight and low working pressure hose is especially suitable for temporary water supply or drainage of locations with relatively small differences in elevation.
Sunny Bright

Size (mm/inches)

Inside Diameter (mm)

Wall Thickness (mm)

Weight  (g/m)

Working Pressure (kg/cm2)

    50 (2) 53 0.95 193 2.0
    75 (3) 79 0.95 277 2.0
   100 (4) 106 1.10 437 2.0
  *Standard length: 100m.
*Working pressure: 20oC
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